Atlantean Oracles is the external home for Oracle Cards, the mystical Card Science. 

Using the 52 playing cards, a framework has been given which reveals how individual card energies travel a circuit, in a cyclical, repeating manner. 

Brought forth originally in 1893 by Olney Richmond in his book "The Mystic Test Book", Oracle Cards extends the original study by exposing a number of metaphysical paridigms that overlay this structure proposed by Richmond. 

The Framework

The fundamental framework presented by Richmond represents a 7x7 matrix - being 7 rows by 7 columns.  The remaining 3 cards are placed atop this matrix and are said to be outside the influence of the governing forces operating within the matrix.  To prepare the deck, the cards are stacked from ace of hearts to king of hearts, followed similarly by clubs, diamonds and then spades.  This represents the perfect order of the cards, and when laid out according to the directions of Richmond will appear as shown in the graphic on the left.  This orientation of cards has been termed the sun chart.

The Quadration

Once the sun chart has been prepared, the cards are ready to be quadrated.  The instructions for how to quadrate the deck can be found at Oracle Cards, and will not be described here.  But the fundamental principal of the quadration is that it progresses the movement of these cards along a known path.  After 90 quadrations, the cards are back in the perfect order, the sun chart.  The first quadration happens at birth, and a new quadration will occur every year after that on your birthday.

The Birth Card

Using a formula presented by Richmond, each day of the year is assigned to one of the 52 playing cards based on the month and day of birth.  Use the Calendar at OracleCards to look up your Birth card.  The Birth Card represents the fundamental character of the individual based on many dynamics, including the location of the card within the framework, the sex of the individual, and natal astrology as it works through the mythical forces operating upon the framework.

Card Interpretation

There are 3 primary quadrations of interest when doing a life reading, and taken together represent the natal Oracle Chart (see Card Theory for a view of these 3 charts):

The sun chart:  The quadration just prior to the time of birth.  This orientation of cards reveals the highest purpose for the individual based on the archetypal forces that affect the birth card.  It is an individuals window into the realm of Soul.

The rising chart:  The quadration at the time of birth moving forward in time.  This orientation of cards represents the structure through which the individual operates on the conscious level, affected by environmental and social factors that arise due to personal karma. 

The moon chart:  The quadration at the time of birth moving reverse in time.  This orientation of cards represents the structure through which the individual operates on the passive, subjective level.  It exposes a window into the karmic history such that the cause of the rising chart can come to be known. Copyright © 2011 Atlantean Oracles