Oracle Cards and the Way of the Mystic

The practice and use of the Oracle Cards system for divination can lead to profound realizations, especially concerning interactions on the personal level.   Discovering the mythic forces indicated due to the placement of the birth card can unveil a mysterious component of the life stream that had previously been hidden.  The shadow self can emerge into the light of awareness, and through the effort of accepting that aspect of self, a true integration of the physical, emotional and mental beingness will result.


Interwoven throughout the Oracle Cards can be seen the workings of polarity.  In very simple terms, the concept of polarity can be seen through the workings of duality.  In a dualistic system, there are two equal and opposite aspects of a continuum that--when seen as a whole--constitutes a single unit (a unity, if you will).  Neither aspect can be created or destroyed without creating or destroying the other.   We will generally become aware at some point along this continuum, creating a polarity of sorts.   It will be at this point where a judgment will form in order to justify our position.

By taking a step back from our judgments and allowing the endpoints of the continuum to radiate in such a way that a bridge connecting the 2 aspects appears, a new understanding of our opportunity can emerge.  We can then polarize our attention so that we identify with each of the aspects of this continuum individually.   What this will do is enhance our understanding of the continuum by:

  1. Relaxing our judgment regarding the continuum as a whole.
  2. Awakening to a greater appreciation of the continuum through identification with the archetypal forces operating at the endpoints.

The Law of Attraction

The very nature of duality exposes the law of attraction as one of its primary functions.  However, there are 2 types of attraction, and it is important to identify with each type separately in order to avoid the problem of loss through cancellation.  For example, using the concept of electro-magnetic forces as a continuum, the electrical force is at one end and the magnetic force is at the other.  This bridge could also be called the continuum of 'Attraction'.

  1. The Attraction of 'like attracts like' is related to the Electrical Force, where the protons are all held together in a field and the electrons are repelled.
  2. The Attraction of 'opposites attract' is related to the Magnetic Force, where the electrons are attracted to the protons and are held in orbit around them due to the interaction of attracting and repelling forces.

What all this means is that it is important to gain an understanding of which type of attraction is indicated in any moment.  We will typically identify with one type of attraction over the other as a matter of habit.  For instance, a person who generally associates with the electric force will have a great understanding of their own needs, though may not be able to see how their actions affect others.  Likewise, a person who generally associates with the magnetic force will have a keen understanding of the needs of others, but may not have as much skill in addressing their own needs.   Naturally a happy median offers the greatest opportunity for success, but the very nature of these forces will operate as a 'pattern' unless we exert a force that will affect it.  Energy work and body work are two techniques that greatly aid in this effort Copyright © 2011 Atlantean Oracles