Atlantean Oracles is the external home for Oracle Cards, the mystical Card Science. 

The theories presented at Oracle Cards will not be duplicated here, but an abstract of some of the concepts will be discussed.

The Caduceus Symbol

  • As the zodiac of astrology is rotated and aligned such that the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius are situated at the bottom of the wheel, a line is drown through the center from bottom to top and the signs on each side of this central channel then align to form 2 columns of energy.

  • The central channel represents the realm of interaction between the opposing forces represented by the 2 columns intertwine about it, one being positive/masculine and the other negative/feminine.

  • The Caduceus symbol has always been associated with Hermes the Greek god (or Mercury the Roman god).  As Hermes has also been termed the master of the mind, it suggests that it is through the balance of the forces spiraling about the core that will provide for mental, emotional and physical well-being.

  • The wings shown in the location of the 7th chakra represent contact with the Spirit realm.  Thus, it indicates that the 7th chakra is transcendental in nature, where access to Spirit is attained through the structure and symbology of snakes intertwining the central channel. 

The 7 Chakras

  • There are 7 energy centers within our body that provide a direct connection to the cosmic fundamental principals of Spirit and Matter, Shiva and Shakti. 

  • Exposed through the interaction of electrical and magnetic forces, the chakras resonate as a function of either conscious attention or habitual pattern. 

  • Our awareness is typically somewhere along this continuum, and gaining access to that point of attention then becomes the path of both the mystic and the healer.

  • The chakras then provide direct access to our psycho-spiritual body, and with conscious attention, to our Inner Self.

  • The language of Intuition is then awakened in the process of discovering the communication channel to the Inner Self.

Astrology and Myth

  • Each chakra is governed by 2 astrology signs, one being positive and the other negative.  This alternating sequence of polarity is a fundamental feature of the interaction of Shiva (Spirit-Father) and Shakti (Matter-Mother). 

  • Each sign is ruled by at least one planetary or mythic character, where identification with this archetypal force then provides access to the patterns that play out through the chakras.

Framework of the Cards ~ The Sun, Moon and Rising Charts

Using the Oracle Cards system for divination, the playing cards are organized such that each year there are 3 specific layouts that combined make up an Oracle Chart.  The chart below is the natal chart to use for all readings.  Descriptions on how to derive this chart and how to do readings using it can be found at Oracle Cards, 3 Major Charts, so it will not be discussed here. Copyright © 2011 Atlantean Oracles