Atlantean Oracles is the business portal for Oracle Cards, the mystical Card Science. 

Using the 52 playing cards, a framework has been given which reveals how 45 of the 52 card energies travel a circuit in a cyclical, repeating manner.  The remaining 7 card energies represent access points that anchor our 3D realm to various levels of universal cosmic consciousness.

Brought forth originally in 1893 by Olney Richmond in his book "The Mystic Test Book", Oracle Cards extends the original study by exposing a number of metaphysical paridigms that overlay this structure proposed by Richmond.

Each day of the year has been assigned to one of the 52 cards using the theories proposed by Richmond.  By finding that card position in the framework (house), and following the progressions to see how the universal consciousness flows through that house, an intuitive language can emerge.  This intuitive language essentially represents the guidance of Soul, thus a bridge is built between Ego and Soul through the practice and application of the OracleCards techniques.

Oracle Cards Readings

1.  The Framework (shown on the left)

Using the Oracle Cards framework for divination, the reading will start by outlining the metaphysical forces that are in operation throughout the entire life, based on the birth card and its position (house) in the natal chart.  These forces act in a way to forge the individual character, based on hereditary, environmental and social indications.

Following this, the Oracle Chart for the current year of birth will be analyzed.  This will highlight the forces that are in operation for the entire year, and will indicate the blessings and challenges to expect based the forces indicated.

2.  Light/Dark, Conscious/Subconscious

Based upon the suit, the light or dark characteristic can be determined.  Hearts and Diamonds are light, and indicate conscious mental patterns, whereas Clubs and Spades are dark, and indicate an active subconscious, or abstract mind.  Additionally, the color of the house where the card resides will indicate another layer of mental activity, where those houses colored blue indicate the abstract, subconscious mind, and those colored yellow indicate a conscious, rational mind.

3.  The Columns, The Chakras

The Chakras map out over the framework starting with the 1st chakra being in the right-most column, and the 7th chakra being in the left-most column.  The house in which the birth card resides will indicate the chakra that is indicated.

4.  The Rows, The Planetary Archetypes

The rows in the framework are governed by the planetary rulers shown on the right and left of the row.  The house in which the birth card resides will indicate which planetary archetypes will be in effect.

5.  The Past, Present or Future

Based on your Birth Card house, the powers of Cause and Effect will be in operation as a function of the time frame indicated.  The 2 columns on the right and part of the 3rd are associated with the Past.  The 2 columns on the left and part of the 5th are associated with the Future.  The column in the center and the remaining portions of the 3rd and 5th columns are associated with the Present.  In the Future, the energy is associated with the 'Cause', and in the Past the energy is associated with the 'Effect'.  In the Present, there is an interaction of 'Cause' and 'Effect' in operation. 

6.  The Birth Card Suit and Number

The suits are reflective of the seasons:  Hearts/Spring, Clubs/Summer, Diamonds/Autumn, Spades/Winter.  Though simplistic, the seasons are indicative of the suits in that:  Spring represents the welling up of life force, the Emotional body is accentuated; Summer represents the infusion of Solar force, the Mental body is accentuated; Autumn represents the culmination of Earth forces, the Physical body is accentuated; Winter represents the turning inward of attention, the Intuitive body is accentuated.

The number represents the harmonic 'tone' of the character, where Ace is 1 and King is 13.  Whenever a number contains subharmonics, it indicates an increase in complexity and suggests an enhanced opportunity due to the underlying connections.  For instance, the tone for 12 includes the subharmonics of 2, 3, 4 and 6.  However, it can also indicate the opportunity for overwhelm if there is no central point upon which the individual can focus.   When considering the harmonic of 13, it is a primary tone.  This indicates a great opportunity for being the apex of attention that all other numbers can align towards.  But being prime, it also suggests a solitary motivation that cannot be dependant upon outer concerns. 

The suit and number indications will resonate as an undercurrent to the life stream, but will be buffered by the interaction of the forces in operation as indicated above. Copyright © 2011 Atlantean Oracles